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    I would be more than happy to work with you to make custom jewelry or artwork. Please feel free to message me - papersweetly@gmail.com

    Bidala - Cat/ Cat Earrings/ Hello Kitty Earrings/ Jewelry/ Quilling/ Paper Earrings/ Earrings
    28.00 - 33.00
    Escape Into The Universe
    Varna - Multi Color Mandala/ Quilling/ Quill Art/ Paper Quilling/ 1st anniversary gift/ Meditation
    Hira - Diamond/ Diamond Earrings/ Black Earrings/ Quilling/ Earrings/ Quill Earring/ Paper Earrings
    34.00 - 39.00
    Orange Necklace/ Fruit Jewelry/ Paper Jewelry/ Quilling Jewelry/ Orange Slice Necklace
    Waja - Wing/Quilling/ Paper Quilling Earrings/ Paper Earrings/ Quilling Earrings/ Aqua/ Earrings
    32.00 - 37.00
    California Map/ Map Art/ Custom Map Art/ Personalized Map art/ Quilling/ Quilling art/ Maps
    Red earrings/ Quilling earrings/ Red paper earrings/ Quilling jewelry/ Paper Jewelry/ A gift for her
    33.00 - 38.00
    Buddha Artwork/ Buddha/ Buddha Sculpture/ Quilling/ Quilling Art/ Buddha Picture/ Sitting Buddha
    Peacock Art/ Decor/Home/ Farmhouse decor/ Wedding gift/ paper anniversary gift/ 1st anniversary gift
    Initial Art/ Last name Art/ Paper Quilling/ Wedding Gift/ Personalized Gift/ Quilling Art
    Chakras/ Sacred Geometry Art/ Sacred Geometry Art/ Chakras Art/ Spiritual Geometry/ Quilling Art
    Unicorn Art/ Paper Quilling/ Quilled Unicorn/ Paper Anniversary Gift/ 1st Anniversary Gift/ Unicorn
    Dog Paw Earrings/ Earrings/ Paw Print Earrings/ Quilling Earrings
    27.00 - 32.00
    Green Earrings/ Shades of Green/ Green tear drop earrings/ Paper earrings/ Quilling Earrings
    28.00 - 33.00
    Avacado Earrings/ Fruit Earrings/ Quilling Earrings/ 1st Anniversary gift/ Paper Earrings/ Earrings
    28.00 - 33.00
    Butterfly Earrings/ Purple Earrings/ Quilling Earrings/ 1st anniversary gift/ Paper Earrings
    28.00 - 33.00
    Mayura Pattra - Peacock Feather Art/ Peacock art/ Peacock Artwork/ Peacock Wallart/ Feather Art
    SuryaMukhi - Sunflower Earrings/ Yellow Earrings/ Quilling Earrings/ 1st Anniversary Gift/ Earrings
    33.00 - 38.00
    Hamsa - Hand of Protection
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