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Custom-made Turtle Wall-art

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I'm excited to share a few updates on a new project that I've just completed. I got a request for a custom-made quilled turtle wall-art from a customer who stopped by my booth at the Mountain View Art and Wine Festival this year. I actually had a pet turtle growing up so I was really looking forward to working on this project!

I started off by working on a few sketches of the turtle that I wanted to use as my background. My talented friend Sana helped me out with the winning sketch that the customer really liked.

I started out by working on the turtle's back and the eyes.

Then the legs.

Done! Meet my turtle!

Side view that gives some perspective!

Finished framing it. Doesn't it look even better with the frame!

The turtle is ready for its new home!

Wohooo! It's done. I really liked how it turned out and my customer loved it!

Here's the link to the product on my Etsy store: Turtle Wall-Art

Peace out!

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